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Keep Your Family Close: with a Garden Granny Annexe

Keep your loved ones close with a Granny Garden Annexe

You might be thinking about building a granny annexe for a variety of reasons. A granny annexe, as the name implies, can be the ideal choice if you have an older relative who needs extra care and attention. The independence required for everyone’s well-being can be provided for your loved one by creating a self-contained living space in your garden that is planned and constructed to include necessities like a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. This will allow you to give assisted living and care.

A luxury garden annexe, however, might also be the best option if you need to add some extra living space for your family, guest accommodations, or even a home office. This adaptable outside space can be used however you desire because you have the choice to fully plumbed, heat, and light your garden annexe. Whatever the reason, a granny annexe is a flexible option that improves both the quality of your life and the value of your Northern Ireland property.

What is a Granny Annexe?

Granny annexes, as the name implies, are additional structures built apart from your main house, commonly in a garden, and used primarily to house elderly relatives. This become a very popular option to look after loved ones, especially in light of the high costs of care facilities, its use has accelerated over the past few decades.

These days, homeowners are equally likely to construct a granny flat for their young child as for their elderly parent! It’s a particularly helpful strategy for parents to teach their kids independence when they’re having trouble climbing the property ladder. Also, it raises the overall value of the main residence.

Why should I buy a Granny Annexe?

Your finances and quality of life will benefit from a granny annexe in a number of ways. A garden annexe offers a cosy addition to your house that can be used as a family room, granny flat, garden office, or any number of other things. Check our our popular uses page to get inspired!

What are the advantages of constructing a Granny Annexe?

Also, by adding a granny annexe to your property, you can raise the selling price of your home. In the UK market, homes with garden annexes typically have a high value and sell quickly.

Purchasing a granny annexe has a lot of advantages. A granny flat will give you vital additional living space in addition to being a terrific method to provide extra care and support for older family members without having to place them in a care facility. Furthermore, since many components of a garden annexe are prefabricated, they may be put together quickly, easily, and with little disruption.

Do I need planning permission for a Granny Annexe?

One of the first things you’ll need to do if you’re thinking about acquiring a granny annexe is find out if you require planning approval. For instance, garden annexes typically do not need planning permission, so if you intend to use your garden room for working, unwinding, and occasionally, it’s possible that you can install one of our garden annexes without needing this approval. But, some Councils will require you to apply for planning permission if you want to use your annexe as a true granny flat and turn it into a permanent residence that is used for overnight stays. When it comes to managing the technical requirements for outside structures, our garden room design team has a wealth of experience, so we can help.

Bespoke Garden Granny Annexe- Tailor it to any of their needs

One of the best features of our granny annexes is that they may be completely customised. Your garden annexe can be customised in terms of size, design, and layout to meet your specific requirements. We can also include optional elements like decking, windows, and doors. We will offer advice on heating, plumbing, and connecting your granny annexe to the main water and electrical supplies on your house. Our granny annexes can be planned and constructed with all the amenities required for independent living, including a kitchen, bathroom, and living space. Our skilled design and installation team can help you through the entire process and complete all the necessary preparations for connecting your granny annexe as part of our customised service.

Can I get finance for a Granny Annexe garden room?

We can assist you in controlling the cost of your new granny annexe with a variety of flexible financing alternatives. Our colleagues at Pegasus Personal Finance may be able to assist you in spreading the cost of your garden annexe over several instalments with flexible monthly payment choices moving ahead, depending on your eligibility and deposit commitment. This is the main part of it, that can make a difference to everything with or without help. Check our finance page.

For any further advice on housing, costs and care of the elderly. Check out Age NI.