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How to Make your Garden Room Multifunctional

Make the most out of your Garden Room: Our Tips on how to make it multifunctional

The variety of purposes that garden rooms can be used for is one of their best features. The possibilities range from a garden office to a music studio to a yoga studio with toilet facilities. We have tips on how you can design your garden room to be as multifunctional as you want.

But what if you want to utilise your garden room for something else entirely? What if you want to utilise it in a number of diverse ways? Making sure your garden pod is multipurpose will help with that. Whether you are after a small garden pod but want to maximise the space or you are after a luxury garden office with electrics, we will help you make the most out of your Northern Ireland Garden room.

Tip 1. Make Separate Spaces and Add Interior Doors

One of the simplest methods to answer the question “How do I build a multifunctional space?” is to designate different rooms that are joined by doors. You can choose how many rooms your bespoke garden structure will have throughout the tailored design process. For instance, you might just desire a single huge space that can be divided into two smaller rooms by a wall and connected by a door, each of which can serve a different purpose.

Two rooms feel more connected to one another when there is an interior door between them. If you would like a garden room with a bathroom, you can have a separate bathroom, for instance, this is perfect because you don’t have to leave the building and enter by a different door to use it. This is a perfect way to make your garden room multifunctional.

Tip 2. Create Separate Rooms with External Doors

One of the most common multifunctional room ideas is to create two entirely separate rooms in your garden pod, which can only be accessed via their own doors. That way, you could have one large main room that you can use however you wish and a smaller separate room at the side with its own door. You could then use this for storage to keep all your garden tools out of the way without cluttering up your garden room. Whether you are looking for a garden office, with a separate bathroom or a music studio and a separate storage area- the addition of external doors definitely make your garden room multi-functional.

Tip 3. Including a Deck or Porch Area

Making an adjacent outside space is one of the simplest methods to turn your multi-functional garden room into a distinct space. Although our garden rooms can be utilised year-round, sitting outside in warm weather is ideal on a warm summers evening in Northern Ireland. A deck area and the option of a covered porch outside the main door make this simple to accomplish. By doing this, you may utilise this outdoor area as though it were a separate room where you might sit and unwind or have more space for visits from friends.

Tip 4. Use of Lighting

Using lighting strategically in your garden room can really define and divide up your garden room. Lighting has always been a great method to delineate distinct regions of a room. To designate the space as a reading zone, you might place a modest reading lamp next to the sofa or utilise spotlights to draw attention to specific items. You might set up some fairy lights on the porch to create a place to sit and unwind in the evening, or you could illuminate one portion of the room with a strong light for working and another area with a softer light for relaxing. You might also want spotlights above a kitchenette or dimmed lighting above a bespoke garden room bar. Light is a great and simple way to maximise your garden room to have multi-functions, we can make your insulated garden room completely bespoke with electrics.

Enjoy using your imagination to illuminate specific regions of your garden room to indicate their intended use.

Tip 5. Make it multifunctional with furniture

One of the most straightforward design concepts for multifunctional rooms that can be implemented into any garden room, is the use of chairs. You might create a sense of separation within the main area without the need of dividers by strategically placing your furnishings. In this manner, a sizable room can be divided into numerous spaces.

There are other ways than partition walls to designate specific areas inside your garden room or office. Another simply opportunity to make your garden room multifunctional, is with clever window placement and furniture arrangement, allowing you to potentially have a gym, office, and lounge all in one.

How Total Garden Rooms can help create your dream multifunctional garden room

As you can see here, there are numerous design options for rooms with multiple uses. There are several methods to transform it into a multifunctional space, whether you want to construct a single room with different zones or a building that is separated into separate rooms.

There is no restriction on what you can do. You might have a home gym that also serves as an office, a yoga studio that also serves as a guest bedroom, a home gym with a shower unit next to it, or a tranquil summer cottage with a storage shed on the side.

We have a number of garden rooms with different uses and functions in our Belfast showroom, 2 Advantage Way, BT13 3LZ.  At Total Garden Rooms, we are passionate all things garden rooms can help you with the design process to create your ideal multifunctional garden room.  Book a design consultation with us here.