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Benefits of Buying a Garden Room this Spring

Benefits of starting your Garden Room build in Spring 

Spring is the perfect time to start building a garden room! The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, so you’ll be able to get the project finished in time for summer. A garden room is a great addition to any home – it’s a versatile space that can be used for entertaining, as an extra room for guests staying over on their summer holiday, or simply as a place to enjoy the outdoors.  

Building a garden room is a relatively simple project that can be completed in a matter of weeks, so there’s no need to wait around for summer to start enjoying your new space. We have enlisted some reasons why you should start to invest in your garden room this spring and how you can use your garden room all-year around in Northern Ireland. Whether you are after a garden office, a garden gym or a garden at home cinema- we have you covered. Start your garden room journey with Total Garden Rooms today and avoid paying it in full with our flexible finance options. 



There are many reasons why spring is the best time to start your Garden Room building journey but of course, the weather getting better is a very important one. The first indication is that springtime weather is often better, which makes the ground softer, improves the circumstances for moving and storing materials outside, and facilitates a smooth construction process. This helps means your Garden is easier for both you and us, ensuring your garden room will be manufactured and built in time for those summer days and nights! 

As the weather starts to improve, days get longer and nights get shorter- a lot of us like to spend as much time as we can in the warm weather, especially in Northern Ireland. Building a garden room creates a space for you, friends and family to enjoy in your warm, outside space.  

So, if you are thinking about waiting, you really don’t have to, why not create your garden room sooner rather than later? This is not to suggest that we cannot build in the winter; in fact, we can build at any time of the year but why not get the most of your outside space, with a Total Garden Room this spring. 


Quick installation  

At Total Garden Room, we always are as efficient and accurate as we can be and this enables us to have your garden room built as fast as possible. It depends on the size, electrical and plumbing options you go for but we can have your garden room built in anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks, from base and foundations laid to all of your optional extras added or fitted. Check out our FAQs for further information on this. This means if you start your garden room journey with us in the spring, you can comfortably have your garden room built for the summer.  


A Multi-purpose outdoor space  

Of course, the beauty of a garden room is that it can bring people together whether they are enjoying a workout or sipping wine. The idea is that a garden studio can serve as the focal point or lifeblood of your house. 

You’ll enjoy seeing it come to life throughout the year as you host late-spring barbeques, summer get-togethers, bonfire nights, and even holiday beverages. Even better, you might choose to divide your outdoor room into several areas so that the whole family may use it. Our Total Garden Rooms are tailored exactly to your liking, whether you would like an outdoor decking attached, for a barbecue, a hot tub or seating area or maybe you would like the entire front of the garden room to have a sliding door spanning the entire way, to bring the outside sun in- we can help you create your dream garden room.  


Gardening room  

All of us imagine new life when we think about spring. This is the perfect time to check on the seeds you planted last year, make plans for what needs to be sown or planted, and think about what you want to grow in your garden this year. The garden room in your home is a great place to plan and organise while staying comfortable. You could set up a potting table, build a shelf to hold your seeds, plant seedlings on window sills to give them a head start, and utilise a desk at work to make notes about what needs to be done and when. Your very own small garden room where you can plan your garden. 


A beautiful stay for summer guests  

Many of us have family or friends travelling to see us during their summer holidays and what a more perfect solution for their accommodation, than a comfortable and close garden room bedroom. Keep your friends and family close with a spare room, right in your garden. When a garden room is used as a bedroom, planning permission is required but we can sort this for you at Total Garden Rooms and help you to create your ideal spare bedroom. This allows your guests to still have their privacy and also maintains your privacy as well, meaning the upstairs does not need that deep spring clean! Start your garden room building journey with us today and have a beautiful new spare bedroom space, that is multi-functional and once the guests have gone, there are endless options for its use. We have many options to make your garden room multi-functional with a range of external and internal doors on our partners site Total Home NI.