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Top 10 Reasons to Have a Home Gym

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Home Gym


Home gyms are among the most popular uses for a garden room in Northern Ireland. Although going to the gym is a great habit, sometimes life interferes, and you simply can’t make it. That is why having fitness equipment at home is crucial. A home gym allows you to work out without ever leaving the house, making it a need for anyone serious about maintaining their fitness. The following are 10 of the biggest advantages of having a home gym: 

1 – Work out when it’s convenient for you

There’s no need to set aside an hour and a half in your calendar. There is no reason to hold off till the gym is less packed, and there is less traffic on the roadways. If you have a home gym, you can use the elliptical or treadmill whenever you want.

You may work out while watching the news or your favourite programme. You can work out with your lover after they get off work or before your morning shower (big bonus: showering and changing in the privacy of your own home).

2 – Design your own workout space

Dress codes are common at gyms. If you have exercise gear at home, you can begin working out whenever you want, and in any attire you choose. You don’t need to be concerned about whether your clothing is stylish, flattering, or athletic-appropriate. You can wear whatever feels comfortable when working out at home without giving it a second thought.

Too warm? Too chilly? The gym management attempts to strike a balance, but it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in a big gym with thousands of sweating people. You can customise every aspect of your workout environment at home, including the temperature.

3 – Make it easy to stick to your workout routine

It’s can be difficult to stick to a fitness routine. Despite your best efforts, the trouble of packing up your clothes, shampoo, towels, a padlock, and a water bottle, navigating traffic on the way to the gym, and driving around the parking lot in circles in search of space can rapidly sap your motivation. The barriers preventing you from achieving your fitness objectives can be removed by having access to exercise equipment in your house.

Adults should engage in at least two hours and thirty minutes of moderate-intensity activity, one hour and fifteen minutes of strenuous exercise, or a combination of the two, each week.

4 – Privacy

Exercise is well known for reducing anxiety and stress. But what if you are anxious and afraid when you go to the gym? Because you’re concerned about being judged, you can find yourself in a vicious circle of anxiety.

You are not alone if this is your experience. The fear of what other people might think prevents about 65% of women and 36% of men from going to the gym. There are numerous stated anxieties, but people generally worry about being judged for their weight.

5 – No waiting for equipment

Your ability to work out at the gym is constrained by the facilities’ equipment. Fortunately, you have total choice over the layout of your home gym. You want a rower, right? Take one. Do you prefer a specific model of treadmill or elliptical machine? Done. Do you want to exercise with your partner or a friend? Get two of whatever it is. You get to choose what goes in the space when the gym is in your home.

There are countless options! But don’t let your alternatives overwhelm you. There are qualified fitness experts who can assess your home space, consider your exercise requirements, and assist you in creating a customised home gym if you’re unsure of where to begin.

6 – Create your perfect exercise environment

Your music. Your workout. 

7 – Exercise for the whole family

When was the last time that the entire family exercised together? Everyone in your household, including children, teenagers, adults, and elderly, needs to move around in an age-appropriate manner. According to the World Health Organization, children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 should engage in at least an hour of moderate-intensity physical activity each day. The majority of their workouts should be aerobic, with a few times a week dedicated to bone loading and muscle strengthening exercises.

8 – Safer

One of the most common excuses for skipping a workout is bad weather. Even though it could appear to be an explanation, it’s frequently a genuine safety problem. Every year, there are over six million auto accidents, and 21% of these are weather-related. Around 70% of weather-related car accidents take place on wet roads, while another 18% occurred during sleet and snowstorms. Nearly 5,000 people perish in these collisions each year.

If you have a home gym, you won’t have to worry about making the journey to the gym or missing days of exercise due to ice or snow. You can work out whenever you please, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night.

9 – No membership fees

This one doesn’t need to be explained, does it?

10 – Covid proof workouts

The pandemic taught us gyms may close temporarily or have shortened hours, however, your home gym is always open.

You may have always loathed using equipment that has had hundreds of people’s sweat on it, or the epidemic may have increased your awareness of how diseases spread. In either case, having your own personal weight bench or exercise bike ensures a spotless, secure workout each time.

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