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Why Bi-Fold Doors are Perfect for your Garden Room

At Total Garden Rooms, we believe Bi-Fold doors are one of the best options for your garden room

We will tell you why.  

Bi-Folding Doors 

It will be a lot of fun to design your new garden room. Consider the use of bi-fold doors carefully as you assemble your fantastic environment. 

You can’t truly get the benefits of using bi-fold doors any other way. Bi-fold doors’ distinctive design makes them a terrific method to let a lot of light into your garden area while also acting as a very safe wall. 

When you need it, bi-fold doors can shield you from the weather. When the weather is nice, they conveniently fold out of the way to provide you a unique outdoor experience. 

Let’s look at a few of the ways bi-fold doors can significantly improve your outside space. They have several advantages. 

Outdoor Lighting 

The kind of natural light that bi-fold doors let into your garden room cannot be achieved in any other way. The majority of the area in the door wall is made up of glass, as you can see. 

When you want it, the light will pour in through this wall of windows. Bi-fold doors provide you the chance to add some of the best elements of a conservatory to your garden room. 

Brilliant insulation 

A superb compromise between visual space and insulation is provided by bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors use double-paned glass instead of the single-pane glass that is typical of conservatories. You will have a room that is open and bright but also energy-efficient as a result. 

Although they don’t insulate as efficiently as a complete wall would, their aesthetic value to your room far outweighs this drawback. 

Simple to Use 

It is simple to expand your room when you wish to. Bi-fold doors operate on a steel track and bearings, making it simple to slide them open. Once they’re open, they practically disappear and remain out of the way. 

Before deciding to include bi-fold doors, give them a try if you haven’t already. You’ll be able to observe how simple it is to move a wall quickly and how convenient it is to do so. Visit our show village at 2 Advantage Way and see them in action. You can look at a wide variety of garden rooms we have on display to choose which design elements are best suited for your yard. 

Stunning Design  

Bi-fold doors offer you a stunning view of your garden in addition to the light they let in. A visually open space will give the impression that your garden room is much larger. 

It’s fantastic to be able to view the gardens that are all around you. Also, you may keep plants within your garden room without having to use artificial lighting to keep them alive. 


The doors themselves are gorgeous and will give your new building a lot of elegance. You may easily go from your garden room to the outdoors when the weather is beautiful by opening up the wall. There isn’t really another type of door that can provide that. 

Highly Secure 

Bi-Fold doors’ design, does not diminish the security. Bi-fold doors appear to be somewhat open, yet they are actually highly secure. Some doors have locking mechanisms that let you, if you choose, lock each door panel separately. The rail that keeps them in place is very sturdy and provides the same level of security as a fixed window. 

Our Expertise 

At Total Garden rooms, we partner with Total Home NI. Total Home NI is our retail partner, who have been manufacturing and supplying doors for over 30 years. We have a highly trained team that are experts in fabricating Bi-Folding doors, so you are assured you will have the highest quality and design door, that is perfect for your new Garden Room. Check out the Bi-fold doors we manufacture at Total Home NI here. 

Take a look at some of our door options 

Look at what we do with bi-fold doors to see what they can contribute to your garden room. The difference they make to a garden room’s design and all the visual space they provide are immediately apparent. For access to our gallery, click here.

Although adding bi-fold doors can increase the cost of your garden room, they are incredibly durable. No matter what time of year it is, you will always have a view of your garden when you are in your new building. 

Want to learn more about the design options for your garden room? Download our  Garden Rooms brochure by clicking here . It will give your design, use and style inspiration. It is jam-packed with pointers and advice that will demonstrate to you the entire worth and potential of purchasing a garden room for your house in 2022.